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just so ya know... Jun. 3rd, 2005 @ 08:59 am
even though i don't post on LJ anymore, sometimes i like to go on it and stalk people. at first i was kind of embarassed to admit it, but i discovered that lots of other people do it too. it's all in good fun, right? ;-)

i'm leaving Livejournal! Feb. 20th, 2005 @ 09:19 pm
I'm glad I got to meet new people through LJ... you are all really cool and I hope we can still keep in touch through another medium. If you are on Friendster or Myspace, add me with this email address: trancessz@yahoo.com

feel free to email me too. but not with chain letters or spam.


i dont need this Jan. 8th, 2005 @ 07:07 pm
people tell me "that's so berkeley" when referring to my appearance. if i hadnt gone to berkeley, what would they say? "that's interesting" or "how unique" (cuz i sure as hell don't look "irvine"). why dont they just admit that they find it weird?!? the word "weird" is not that offensive. it really depends on the tone of voice. maybe i'm overreacting. i've used that phrase before. i know i can be pretty judgmental sometimes. speaking of judgmental, i was at the radio station when a radio host began talking on the air with a guest musician about lesbians as if they are a novelty. "so what do you think of lesbians?" i swear you could've replaced each "lesbian" with "edible make-up" or "toe socks" and it would have sounded exactly the same. i wonder how she would have reacted if i had asked "so what do you think of white people?"

other notes:
i hit a parked vehicle today and left a note and am now dreading the phone call. it was only a few scratches but people around here are anal as fuck so i dunno what will happen.

i'm going to co-host the radio show "Bombay Beat Science" with Dr. Bombay on 88.9FM KUCI in Irvine or on the web at www.kuci.org at 6-8pm PST every other Sunday (starting 1/9/05).

i got a bellydance-hiphop fusion workout dvd if anyone wants to work out with me (irene??)
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: buckethead -- hills of eternity

random thoughts Dec. 30th, 2004 @ 08:06 pm
how can one tell if a person is being friendly vs. flirtatious?

i was on vicodin the whole time and i thought it was just tylenol.

lately it seems like i've been doing things without the aid of reason.

just about every female friend of mine finds trent reznor hot. i think i agree.

i smile and shake my head politely whenever someone says i should model,
even though i think they're crazy.

nothing is real.

i want to adorn myself with pretty, clear, colored, plastic baubles.

my asshole tears and hurts when i poop so i'm going to try out a stool softener.

it seems that when i try to head in one direction,
i bounce back like a rubber band and gain no progress in the end.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: dj scott brown -- turn up the music

lesbians on ecstasy Nov. 21st, 2004 @ 07:01 pm
interesting website about homosexuality, 3rd gender, and hinduism:

awesome new group i'm trying to write a cd review for: lesbians on ecstasy
it's mostly house, with a little electroclash, disco, 70's/80s influence. it's so good! the best dyke dance music i've ever heard... no, actually it's the only =p
their website is down =(
so i have to listen to the lyrics for obscenity, indecency, profanity and i'm really bad at deciphering lyrics. i wish i could read them off of someplace.
Current Mood: energeticenergetic
Current Music: lesbians on ecstasy -- tell me does she love the bass
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» (No Subject)

» pomosexuality
heh i feel totally stupid asking... but what is pomosexuality?
» will hung??
there's a rumor going around that william hung died of a heroin OD. wtf??
i bet he's just eating dinner or studying like usual
» friendsterrs
i just spent my entire evening on friendster, instead of being productive.
my brother is playing trumpet loudly only a few feet away. it's so loud it hurts.
my mom said i could get a bansouri and tabla. unfortunately it's really complicated to choose the right kind,so i need to find someone who'll give me lessons first. i dont know if i'll have much time on top of everything else i'm trying to do, but hopefully i can manage to fit it all into a regular routine. =)
» (No Subject)
truth is i really wanted to see bridget jones. but my mom won't let me go out. =(
my social life feels dead.
i'm rarely allowed to go out and when i do, my mom yells at me before and after.
i dont understand why because i try really hard to please her... a lot harder than my sister.
yet she lets priya do what she wants, and always picks on me.
i guess it's because i dont put up a fight.

this sounds cheesy, i know, but sometimes i feel like Tita from "Like Water for Chocolate". cuz her mom's cruel and confines tita to her home and doesnt let her do anything she wants, like marry her lover.
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